angleščina - španščina Slovar:
+2 rate 1. farther, more distant; additional
+1 rate 2. advance, encourage, promote, assist
+1 rate 3. to a greater distance; more; in addition
rate 4. adj (not gradable) I'd forgotten how long the journey was and it was much further than I remembered. Get to the shops and you'll see a bit further on there's a bridge. Fourteen miles is further than you'd think once you start to run it. Is that her at the further (= other) end of the room? If you say that nothing could be, or something could not be, further from your mind/thoughts, you are saying that what has been suggested is not true. I certainly wasn't trying to get money off him - nothing could have been further from my mind!
rate 5. More distant or advanced
Ugotovili smo naslednje španščina besed in prevodov za "further":
angleščina španščina
Torej, to je, kako lahko rečeš "further" v španščina.
Izrazi, ki vsebujejo "further":
angleščina španščina
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Do sedaj, je število 7,279,588 iskal besed / izrazov, med 38,582 danes.
Tags: further, además, aparte de eso, fomentar, nuevo, por demás, promover, ulterior
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