angleščina - španščina Slovar:
rate 1. anagram adsorb
rate 2. plank, slab; management committee; printed circuit board which connects to a slot in a computer (Computers); food
rate 3. cover with planks; get on, go aboard (train, etc.); accommodate, house; be accommodated, be housed
rate 4. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka
rate 5. bulletin board system
rate 6. marketing board
rate 7. National Film Board of Canada
rate 8. National Labor Relations Board
rate 9. Ouija board
rate 10. Trade Board of;
rate 11. n. pl. (dated) The boards are the stage in a theatre. He's been on/treading the boards (= has been an actor) for nearly 50 years now. In ice hockey, the boards are the wooden fence surrounding the ice surface. Two players crashed into the boards.
rate 12. Also known as 'mixing console', a large unit having additional functions such as tone control, equalization, pan pots, channel assigns, monitoring sends, and control of signals sent to external signal processors.
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angleščina španščina
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angleščina španščina
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