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Sanan määritelmä "board":
+12 rate 1. bowling An individual piece of the lane (total of 40 or sometimes 41) which run its length and are numbered from 1 on the right for right-handers and from 1 on the left for left-handers.
+10 rate 2. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka
+10 rate 3. An organic printed circuit card or board on which smaller components, cards, or modules can be mounted.
+9 rate 4. Also known as 'mixing console', a large unit having additional functions such as tone control, equalization, pan pots, channel assigns, monitoring sends, and control of signals sent to external signal processors.
+8 rate 5. National Film Board of Canada
+8 rate 6. National Labor Relations Board
+8 rate 7. papermaking Papers of 220 gsm and over are generally called boards. They are most often of more than one ply.
+7 rate 8. cover with planks; get on, go aboard (train, etc.); accommodate, house; be accommodated, be housed
+7 rate 9. Trade Board of;
+7 rate 10. Paper of more than 200gsm.
+7 rate 11. The main control for the stage lighting. Originally known as the switchboard or dimmerboard, it is now usually remote from the dimmers. The lighting operator for a show is said to be "on the board".
+7 rate 12. petroleum industry The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board.
+6 rate 13. bulletin board system
+6 rate 14. marketing board
+6 rate 15. S T A Y (v) to pay to sleep and eat meals in someone's house, or in a building that they own, or at a school, or to provide these services for (someone) During his stay in England he boarded with a family in Bath. When you went to school were you a day-student or did you board (= sleep and eat there during school time) ? She boarded (= provided meals and somewhere to sleep for) a lodger at her house. If you board a pet animal, you arrange for it to be temporarily taken care of at a place other than its home. They used to board the dog out when they went on business trips.
+5 rate 16. anagram broad
+5 rate 17. Ouija board
+5 rate 18. An organized group of individuals within a joint force commander’s headquarters, appointed by the commander (or other authority) that meets with the purpose of gaining guidance or decision. Its responsibilities and authority are governed by the authority which established the board. (JP 3-33)
+5 rate 19. An acronym for Digital Signal Processing Board, which may encompass both audio and video processing, that manipulates signals internally within a custom chip in the digital domain.
+4 rate 20. plank, slab; management committee; printed circuit board which connects to a slot in a computer (Computers); food
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Tunnisteet: board, cartón, consejo, entarimar, patronato, tabla, tablero, entablar
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