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+4 rate 1. no; not even; to no degree at all
+1 rate 2. adv (not gradable) used to make a word or group of words negative, or to make them mean the opposite of what they did beforenot happy/big/clean/interested Not all the children like swimming. " Who's taken my pen?" " Not me!" Not a single person (= There was no single person who) would help me. It's a girl, not a boy. He's not bad-looking (= He quite attractive) . It's not uncommon (= It is quite common) for people to get lost in this building. Not is often shortened to n't when it follows a verb, except when it is being emphasized. She isn't/ She's not/ She is not willing to come. We have not/haven't seen her for a long time. He cannot/can't ride a bike. She doesn't like apples. We won't have time to visit her. Not can be used to express a negative in place of part of a sentence. " Is he coming with us?" " I hope not. "" Are you staying late?" " I'd rather not. " She isn't sure whether she is leaving next week or not. There was not much we could do to help by the time we arrived. She not only took me home but also came the next day to see if I had recovered. (informal) Not is sometimes used on its own at the end of a statement to show that you did not mean what you have said. It is often intended to be amusing when used in this way. That was the best meal I've ever had - not! I'm really pleased to get more responsibility with no raise in pay... not. Not at all is a polite answer or is used to say no strongly. " Thanks for helping. " " Not at all. "" Did you ask him to come here?" " Not at all, I know nothing about it. " She wouldn't tell me how much it cost, not that I was (= I was not) really interested. Not that I (= I do not) mind but why didn't you phone yesterday? The food at the restaurant was not up to much (= not very good) .
+1 rate 3. not a good idea, forget it; "Maybe we should buy a; Lada". "Not."
rate 4. airport Name: Gnoss Field; location: Novato, California, United States; IATA Code: NOT; ICAO Code: KDVO
rate 5. anagram ton
rate 6. Includes persons 16 years and over in the civilian noninstitutional population who are neither employed nor unemployed in accordance with the definitions contained in this glossary.
rate 7. not a good idea, forget it. Usage example: "Maybe we should buy a Lada. "Not".
rate 8. Variation of cranial osteopathy developed by Carl A. Ferreri, D.C.
rate 9. used after a sentence to negate the previous statement: "That's a nice shirt. Not!"
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