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+2 rate 1. perform, execute; make, create; act; work at; cheat, rob (Slang); travel at a certain speed (Slang)
+1 rate 2. French; "allow to do"; Policy dictating a minimum of governmental interference in the economic affairs of individuals and society. It was promoted by the physiocrats and strongly supported by Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill. Widely accepted in the 19th century, laissez-faire assumed that the individual who pursues his own desires contributes most successfully to society as a whole. The function of the state is to maintain order and avoid interfering with individual initiative. The popularity of the laissez-faire doctrine waned in the late 19th century, when it proved inadequate to deal with the social and economic problems caused by industrialization.
rate 3. Diesel Oil
rate 4. abbreviation Data Out
rate 5. abbreviation (aviation) Description and Operation
rate 6. aviation Air Vallee (Italy) - IATA: DO; ICAO: RVL
rate 7. fuss, commotion; something that must be done; swindle (British Slang); hairdo, hairstyle; party (Slang)
rate 8. verb play the submissive role in a sexual-intercourse
rate 9. verb play the submissive role in a sexual-intercourse
rate 10. orig. Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha; born February 9, 1909, Lisbon, Port. died August 5, 1955, Beverly Hills, Calif., United States Brazilian singer and actress. In the 1930s she was the most popular recording artist in Brazil, where she appeared in five films. Recruited by a Broadway producer, she starred in The Streets of Paris (1939), then made her United States film debut in Down Argentine Way (1940). Typecast as the "Brazilian Bombshell" and given such caricatural roles as "The Lady in the Tutti-Frutti Hat" in The Gang's All Here (1943), she became the highest-paid female performer in the United States during World War II. Her final United States film was Scared Stiff (1953).
rate 11. Edson Arantes do Nascimento
rate 12. allow to do
rate 13. Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha
rate 14. Paraíba do Sul River
rate 15. Shugen do
rate 16. tae kwon do;
rate 17. in (phrasal verb) (slang) to attack violently or kill They threatened to do me in if I didn't pay up by Friday. I heard she did herself in after the scandal was exposed. (figurative) That hockey match really did me in (= made me very tired) . (figurative) I was/felt really done in (= very tired) after the match.
rate 18. Data Out + Distributed Objects
rate 19. Data Out
rate 20. Dominican Republic (Internet)
rate 21. Dominican Republic (ISO 3166)
rate 22. Dominica (FIPS 10-4)
rate 23. The oxygen freely available in water, vital to fish and other aquatic life and for the prevention of odors. DO levels are considered a most important indicator of a water body's ability to support desirable aquatic life. Secondary and advanced waste treatment are generally designed to ensure adequate DO in waste-receiving waters.
rate 24. Data Object
rate 25. a speed travel at a speed, drive at a speed of. Usage example: We were only doing 50 km per hour. That's the truth.
rate 26. travel at a speed, drive at a speed of We were only doing 50 km per hour; That's the truth.
rate 27. Dissolved Oxygen
rate 28. HAM code DOubt bearing: repeat it later
rate 29. Dangerous Occurrence
rate 30. Doctor of Osteopathy.
rate 31. In [dough-in] (Dao-In, Tao-In, Taoist Conducting and Attuning Energy Practice, Taoist yoga, Taoist hatha yoga, Tao Yin): Ancient system of stretching, bodily postures, and movements, comparable to hatha yoga. Michio Kushi introduced Do-In in the United States in 1968. Its theory posits "Chi energy flow" and the "energy meridians" of acupuncture and shiatsu. Apparently, it also posits a human ability to absorb "nutrition" from the air and from "surrounding energy". With each Do-In posture, one supposedly inhales ki ("life source energy") and exhales jaki ("harmful toxins"). Although Do-In is a discipline of self-healing, its "ultimate goal" is "spiritual harmony" with the universe.
rate 32. Data Out Datos afuera
rate 33. Distributed Objects
rate 34. festivity or party: “We're having a big do next week”
rate 35. hair-do: “traded her long locks for a short do”
rate 36. Swindle
rate 37. have a meal with someone as a social or business occasion: “do lunch”; “do dinner”
rate 38. injure: “did his ankle jumping from a train”
rate 39. take (an illegal drug)
rate 40. cheat or swindle
rate 41. commit burglary; steal
rate 42. use up; expend: “He did his money at the races”
rate 43. beat up
rate 44. have sexual intercourse with
rate 45. make a habit of returning from retirement, in a number of “farewell” performances (from Dame Nellie Melba, 1861-1931, who had several “farewells”)
rate 46. attack and injure
rate 47. redecorate; renovate
rate 48. behave unfairly or wrongly towards (someone)
rate 49. anal intercourse
rate 50. agreed; settled
rate 51. something finished or completed
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