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+2 rate 1. anagram nay
rate 2. airport Name: Anthony Municipal Airport; location: Anthony, Kansas, United States; IATA Code: ANY; ICAO Code: KANY
rate 3. some, a, an; every; whatever
rate 4. to some extent; at all
rate 5. anyone, someone
rate 6. A T A L L (adv) (not gradable) at all or in the least Can't you run any faster? This television doesn't look any different from the other one you showed me. None of us is getting any younger. Are you feeling any better after your illness? Houses in this area used to be a real bargain, but they're not cheap any more (= now) . This radio isn't any good (= it's useless) I'll have to buy another. I used to commute to work every day, but not any longer (= but I've stopped doing that) now I have an office at home. (US informal) I tried talking him out of it, but that didn't help any - he still left home.
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Inglise Hispaania
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Seni 7,279,588 otsida sõnu ja väljendeid, vahel 38,582 täna.
Sildid: any, alguno, alguno(a, cierto, cualquiera, facultativo, unas, unos
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